DIY do it yourself Divorces & Annulments - No Attorney Fees

A DIY do it yourself divorce or annulment used to be an extremely difficult process for a layperson. Preparing the forms with the right information so that the court would approve them in the first attempt called for the help of a professional attorney.

Not anymore, though! With Document DIY do it yourself divorce and annulment, you will have professionals at your service, who will fill and prepare your divorce and annulment forms and charge a fraction of what you would be happy to pay an attorney. All you need to do is submit the paperwork to the court.


It is a shame that, when you are going through the sad end of a marriage, you have to give away so much money to attorneys for their “guidance” for preparing your court forms. However, this is one problem you can solve without paying an attorney your hard-earned money.

While lawyers are professionals and they are totally qualified to take care of divorce papers, they charge a lot of money for their services because they consider it specialized knowledge.

With Document DIY do it yourself, we have taken away that power and brought it to the common people going through their divorce or annulment applications. With our services, you can prepare your application forms without worrying about making mistakes or paying an attorney for the job.

In fact, our service is recommended by many local county courts for uncontested DIY do it yourself divorce applications.


HUMAN ASSISTANTS: What sets our service apart from the competition is we make sure every application is filled by our trained staff and not a software program. Our competitors promise quality and then use software programs for filling your forms without any care for unique differences in a machine and human’s responses. They put the submission of your application in jeopardy and we make sure it is accepted in the first attempt so you can save time and prevent all avoidable expenses.

STATE-SPECIFIC FORMS: We will supply you forms issued by your state and our assessment team will examine your given information based on the needs of your state’s courts before they complete the forms for you.

AMAZING VALUE: We will charge you only a small fraction of what an attorney will take from you for preparing your divorce forms. We will also save you considerable time attorneys usually take for the service. We will prepare all the legal documents for submission and send you details on filing them.

HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES: We provide expert-level services and the applications we prepare have so far recorded a 100% success rate in submission, which means no court in the United States has refused submission to an application that we prepared for our clients.

REVISIONS & REFUNDS: Once we complete the paperwork, we send it to you for approval and filing. In case you want to revise any pieces of information, we will do that free-of-charge. Furthermore, if your court rejects our paperwork, we will give you back your money.

How it Works


Place your order and send us the necessary information using our standard questionnaire


Your court forms and legal paperwork will be ready within 3 business days


Review the documents, sign them, and submit them to your local county court to get a date for your hearing