Get Your Divorce Papers Filled by Experts

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you can (a) write a divorce attorney a big check and get their services, (b) read mountains of unreliable self-help materials and try to fill the divorce papers yourself, or (c) save yourself from the pitfalls of either of those choices and get our affordable services with zero risks.

When we say DIY divorce, we mean we will do all the hard work for you and you will only have to file your application into your county court.


Let us discuss those three choices we mentioned above and you will see why choosing us the logically best option for you.

Considering option (a) first: You call a family law firm or practice to get help from a professional divorce attorney. They ask you to come over for a long interview after which you will be asked to write a handsome check for their services. In the following days, you might have to answer their repeated calls and show up on interview appointments. After all this wait, they will finally deliver your documents.

Considering option (b): You decide to avoid unnecessary expenses on the divorce and look up the Internet for details on how to prepare your divorce file yourself. After days of research, downloading forms, and trying to fill them and failing, you finally manage to finish your application. There is a great chance it will be rejected for one technical error or another, however, and you will be back to square one having wasted so much time and energy.

Considering option (c): You visit our website and place your order. We ask you to fill a simple questionnaire for necessary information. Within the next three business days, we send over your complete divorce petition with detailed instructions on how to file it in your county court. You wait for three days, pay a small portion of that check you would write to the attorney, and get a 100% success guaranteed service.

No complex calculations are required to conclude option (c) is the best one for you.


  • Step #01: You place your order on our website and fill a simple mandatory questionnaire.
  • Step #02: We get your divorce papers ready within three business days and email them to you.
  • Step #03: You review the papers and then submit them to your county courthouse to get a date for your hearing.


  • Our service is simple, fast, and affordable.
  • We prepare a divorce application faster than an attorney would ask for you over for the preliminary consultation.
  • Your divorce papers will be ready within three business days.
  • Trained and qualified personnel will work on your divorce papers, not a computer.
  • Your divorce petition will be prepared using updated forms required by your state.

Choose your state and let’s get started with your divorce application.

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